Set during a time where the concept of privacy has diminished. Civilisation, now reduced to 500 million, relies on CoTabs, brought to you by NanoCorp, a biotechnology company set on dominating the world.


This was my first serious film project, I wanted to highlight the dangers of advancing technology, and set it in a world where all hope seems to be lost. It seems people will risk their rights to privacy for simple conveniences that technology offers. What will you risk for convenience?

I wrote, directed, edited and starred in 2037. and enjoyed every second of its creation. I learned how to use Adobe Premiere Pro, which we used for editing. It was also my first experience using a DSLR camera and its equipment such as a fig-rig, which maintains stability in the shot.

2037. was entered into the Adobe Youth Voices competition. All of this would not have been possible without the aid of the YMCA Ireland, and my school, Schull Community College.


2037. has also been selected for screening as a part of the local interest programme, under “Transition Year Films”, in the Fastnet Short Film Festival, 2015.