I Appear Missing

An aging street photographer uncovers the disturbing truth when pursuing a woman who cannot be photographed. 

I Appear Missing was a short film production during my third year at the National Film School at IADT. The film was shot in two days and features IFTA Award winning actor Brendan Conroy, in the central role.

The film expresses my concerns over the death of analogue craftsmen. In this instance it is an analogue street photographer. Although there has been a resurgence in film photography, my concern in this film is that it is being adopted by a generation who would typically use photography for self-indulgence and vanity. 

The film uses the self-developed technique that I call ‘lens phasing’ – an in-camera method by which the subject’s image splits and morphs on screen, like an aberration. 

I Appear Missing has been selected for Dublin International Film Festival’s inaugural First Frames Competition 2020, Fastnet Film Festival 2021, and the Richard Harris International Film Festival 2021. 

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