Jacob Goode


From West Cork, Ireland, Jacob Goode is a director, writer and sound designer, based in Dublin. He is technically proficient across the camera and post-sound departments, creating visually and aurally-striking work that typically melds subjective, dream-like imagery with sound design. 

Jacob has various accolades to his name, graduating from secondary school with two film scholarships under his belt. One of these awards is the Adobe Creativity Scholarship. Jacob is one of twenty-seven young people around the world, and one of two in Europe, to be financially sponsored by the Adobe Corporation. Early pursuits in filmmaking include a screening of his shorts, organised by YMCA Ireland for Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons. 

Whilst attending the National Film School at IADT, Dún Laoghaire, Jacob further developed his style. His student films Three Figures (2019), an experimental triptych inspired by the works of Francis Bacon, and drama I Appear Missing (2020) employ a distinctive self-developed technique of warping the image of a subject, entirely in-camera. This practice aligns with Jacob’s filmmaking philosophy; to express as much as possible through the craft elements of a film, rather than being over-reliant on dialogue and exposition.

Jacob is interested in the genres of drama, thriller and dark comedy. He is inspired by the works of, among others, Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, Lynne Ramsay, and Paul Thomas Anderson. Jacob’s favourite films include Lost Highway (1997), Network (1976), Casino (1995) and Ken Russell’s The Devils (1971). Jacob follows his intuition. His taste is very important to him, as it defines nearly every decision he makes. Jacob also has an aptitude for graphic design; an aspect that often influences his filmmaking. 

Jacob is excited to work on future projects and work with like-minds and new collaborators. Thank you for visiting this site. 

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